STRATEGY not ‘ability’


Qualified NLP Practitioner

Jumpstarting Literacy & NumeracyTM

Voluntary Offer

Modelled on the work of Olive Hickmott over the past 14 years I am now qualified to take your current ‘poor spellers’ and make them ‘top spellers’ in about 10 hours. My key focus is to prevent incorrect labelling of SEN and to ensure that children ‘behind’ in Year 3 catch up.

Consequently my service is FREE OF CHARGE

Recent testimonial from Richard, a General Practitioner, "I was privileged to witness Olive Hickmott teach 2 girls aged approx. 6 and 9 how to spell using visualisation and grounding. Within 1 hour, they were so adept that they were spelling words backwards…it proved to be a magical learning experience for the children, parents and me…so much so, that 5 hours later, the girls did not want to go home…the speed and joy of learning had been reawakened in these girls, who at the beginning were so tentative…these techniques need to be rolled out to all schools as soon as possible. Seeing is believing…"

You can quickly learn skills to overcome many of the symptoms associated with learning difficulties, by learning new skills and increasing self esteem, through:

  1. Becoming fluent at reading and spelling through developing the skill to "see" words in your mind's eye - the skill all good readers and spellers use naturally

  1. Improving concentration and motor skills through learning how to stabilise your visual memory and clear confusion

  1. Extending your visual memory for numbers, sequencing, comprehension, foreign languages, handwriting and other study skills

Once you experience the effectiveness of this, then I’ll talk to you about what children can REALLY do!

Measurable increase in performance in EVERY sphere NLP@Primary concentrates on HOW, I DO NOT ACCEPT ‘Ability’

Since the Autumn Term of 2012 I have coached over 450 children in 16 different primary schools in the basic elements of NLP and specifically how to control their ‘State’. This consistently works, giving children access to what is known in NLP as a ‘Resourceful State’. You can see interviews with children that have attended my program and hear what effects they have felt, see the ‘Results’ section of this website.

My service is FREE OF CHARGE!

Currently everybody in the world believes, without question in the idea of ‘ability’, in other words, Child ‘A’ cannot do what Child ‘B’ does because they have a different ‘ability’. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this belief. It is maintained by the self fulfilling prophecy of testing children at 5-6 years old, telling them what their ‘ability’ is and then teaching to that belief. We create the results we then find, the children will rise up to any belief that the adult projects.

Read Pygmalion in the Classroom

This book written in 1968 demonstrates that children expected to do well actually do TWICE as well as the control group. My coaching has allowed children to perform up to 10 times original performance because I specifically and deliberately project an empowering belief in them. This is quite contrary to the beliefs of teaching staff and so the children respond to the

different inputs from me.

The two books above will provide you with the tools to DRAMATICALLY change both your results and the engagement of your children.

There is a huge array of research, classroom experience, academic journals, quantitive and qualitative evidence to demonstrate that when YOU, the adult, change your beliefs - The children change theirs.

The reality of all performance in any sphere is that, in order to do anything we all run a series of programs in our minds and bodies. We believe things, we picture things, we hear things or say things to ourselves and we have sensations within our bodies.

These very specific actions and beliefs can be modelled with NLP.

I will teach children the basics of ‘modelling’ with NLP, they will then be able to understand the specific way that a top performer achieves what they do. This  will be combined with the language patterns and expectation I project. My program recognises that if you ‘turn off’ the physiology of children by constantly berating them and forcing them to sit still and be quiet you get poorer results. All of my program uses a high physical and mental state which as the evidence already gathered demonstrates, lifts the performance and confidence of children.

I will work with, up to a 5 Form Entry school over the Autumn Term of Year 5 and the Winter Term of Year 6.

EVERY child will achieve Level 5 or equivalent in their SATs. I am offering my skills and time FREE OF CHARGE to prove my theory. I am a qualified CACHE L2 Teaching Assistant and will provide you daily support in-class to ensure the result I promise is delivered.

Oh if you got this far then good on you, to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the system from 2015 children were not graded 1 - 6 by levels. This was deemed to have a negative impact on children and staff.

What did they change it to?

Levels 1 - 6 EXACTLY as before but now they exclude you from the expected standard for your WHOLE YEAR.

In other words those children not meeting this arbitrary grade are ‘less than’ every other child of their age.

Come on people WAKE UP see what this type of conditioning has led to in the current adults, polarised like never before, rights, pensions, contracts, work / life balance stolen from people and an assault on Doctors and Nurses or Fire people and of course Teachers.